Zim’s latest Poverty Datum Line statistics

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Updated 4 April 2019

ZimStat’s Poverty Datum Line statistics have been updated to January 2019 and show that the average cost of basic requirements for a family of five has moved from $562,32 in January 2018 to $805,36 in January 2019. This is a percentage increase of 43,2%. The consumer Price Index increased by 56,9% over the same period.

Comparing basic food costs over the same period, in January 2018, $184,11 met the needs of a family of five and this figure had risen to $274,25 by January this year. This is an increase of 48,9%. The CPI table works on a wider cross-section of foods, the average costs of which has increased by 63,7%.

This graph illustrates the trends in prices. The PDL exercise collects figures from all ten provinces and these show that the most expensive area is Matabeleland North and the least expensive place to live is Bulawayo.

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