Zimbabwe 2013 election polling stations



The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has published a provisional list of polling stations for the 31 July 2013 harmonised elections. To make things easier for would-be voters, we’ve put these into Excel and PDF spreadsheets by province, and made some clickable maps for the country and for major cities of Zimbabwe.

Know where to vote!

Remember, you have to vote in the ward and constituency where you are registered. If you know you are registered, but you can’t remember which ward or constituency you are in, you can use the My Zim Vote site to look up your entry in the voters’ roll and get that information. Just make sure you enter your ID number in the correct format so they can find your entry!

Once you know where you’re registered, look up the provisional polling stations for your area.

You can do this in a few ways:

If you’re using the clickable maps, zoom in to the map so you can see the address for the location where you’ve registered, and click there. Cross check that the information you get in the pop-up window is correct for your ward and constituency. The list of polling stations for your ward are the polling stations where you can vote.