Zim is in deep crisis

# Protect Zimbabweans pursuing their liberation #thisflag

Zimbabwean petition to Ban Ki-Moon - Secretary-General of the United Nations

Please read and sign this urgent petition, then forward it to other concerned people:

12 July 2016



Zimbabweans are in a deep crisis that is currently downplayed. They have a collapsed economy with no currency. Once the breadbasket of southern Africa it’s now a net importer of goods.  Corruption is rife and the regional governance systems have failed to protect the democratic rights of Zimbabweans (SADC and AU).

Zimbabweans have been afraid to speak out but there are voices straining to be heard. This is a Global Campaign to save Zimbabweans as they push for change by refusing to be bullied. Abduction and murder are real for those who dare challenge the system.

We need the support of other people to raise our voices and assurance that no one will be harmed because they are peacefully pursuing justice,  accountability, fighting for their survival and future generations. The rights of more than 16 million people have been violated for over three decades. 

The appropriation of the struggle to a few people must stop! This man made crisis must end. It begins with allowing people to freely express themselves. Unemployment rates will be drastically reduced if a functional government is established. The future of our youths will be brighter as they will secure employment and crime and drug abuse will be reduced.

Foreign Direct investment will be resumed once the rule of law is restored and property rights upheld. This means many jobs will be created. The dignity of Zimbabweans will be restored as they will regain their pride as a hardworking, honest and warm people. The region will be more stable as the burden on neighbouring countries is reduced.

Xenophobia which has resulted in many Zimbabweans being burnt in South Africa for taking their jobs will be reduced as Zimbabweans will have hope of survival back home. The brain drain that has dogged Zimbabwe over the years will be reduced if the country is restored to order. Diasporans will find their way back home to build the economy and be where they long to be but are denied because of the harsh economic and political climate.

The bullying will stop once leaders realise that the world is on the side of the oppressed. "One finger can’t crush lice" Chara chimwe hachitswanyi inda. We need others to come in a big way to protect the rights of Zimbabweans.

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  • Secretary-General of the United Nations
    Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations)
  • Secretary-General of the United Nations
    Ban Ki-moon