US Govt given Zim US$3 billion since 1980

US Govt has given over US$3 billion aid to Zim since 1980
March 11, 2019
The United States of America (US) insists that it has continued supporting the Zimbabwean people in spite of the targeted sanctions imposed on the country’s political and military elites.
The US says that it has, since 1980, poured more than US$3 billion into Zimbabwe to improve health and food security.
The US gain reiterated its stance that Zimbabwe’s economic problems are not a result of sanctions but harmful policies. In a statement released on Monday 11 March [2019], the US said:
”Since 1980 our commitment to the Zimbabwean people is unchanged: Over US$3 bn to improve health, food security, economic resilience and democratic governance. Delivery on promised political and economic reforms will allow us to do even more.
Many years of harmful policies, not U.S. sanctions, have led to Zimbabwe’s current economic challenges. We recognize Zimbabwe is making difficult economic decisions with limited resources in order to improve Zimbabwe’s trajectory.”
The United States of America has previously clarified its stance on the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe several years ago, which have been extended with another year by President Donald Trump.
The US says that the sanctions are not meant to make 16 million Zimbabweans suffer but are targeted at 84 individuals who engage in corruption, violate human rights and undermine democratic institutions. 
On 7 March, the US Embassy in Harare explained:
“The U.S. does not maintain comprehensive sanctions against Zimbabwe. Suggestions that the U.S. intends to harm the Zimbabwean people with sanctions are false and misleading.
The U.S. targeted sanctions list: 84 individuals and 56 entities. People of Zimbabwe: 16 million. Sanctions do not target the people of Zimbabwe.
The U.S. targets sanctions on those who engage in corruption, violate human rights or undermine democratic institutions, not the people of Zimbabwe.”