Open letter castigating Zim govt

Open letter to the Government of Zimbabwe


4 April 2019

Dear Government

I write to you with a heavy heart and as a concerned and very worried citizen. It is now crystal clear that you have totally failed to solve the problems bedevilling our sick economy. I thought government was made up of fundis, technocrats, problem solvers, go-getters, results-oriented people exuding confidence and exhibiting high reasoning capacity which brings about the much needed public confidence. But alas with all due respect, ladies and gentlemen you are a bunch of ignorant people characterized by corruption, incompetence, self-aggrandisement who are heavily possessed by the looting demon. Hard talk.

Yes that's my conclusion especially after considering the levels of suffering the very same people you are supposed to serve are going through while you are living a luxurious life! The general person cannot even afford a decent meal as the cost of living is sky rocketing with prices of basic commodities rising at supersonic speed. Medication is beyond reach meaning many people are dying before their actual death. Education is now for the elite. Fuel is very scarce and very expensive surprisingly you ladies and gentlemen can still afford to live in expensive hotels, hiring expensive jets, drive super luxurious fuel guzzlers and send your children to expensive schools abroad!

I am angry and really angry at you, the government of Zimbabwe for it’s my earnest belief that any government must alleviate the suffering of the povo, the mass, its people. Yesterday I went to a pharmacy in Zvishavane Tees Pharmacy to buy asthmatic tablets for my old sick mother and was told to use USD or else no medication, I then went to Joy Pharmacy and managed to buy the tablets using this shit you christened RTGS$ at a whopping cost of 12. Not so long ago the very same tablets used to cost $1. Honestly this doesn't need rocket science to prove that the cost of living is flying at supersonic speed. Where are you Mr Government if general medication for asthma is that expensive then what more.....NO ladies and gentlemen you have totally failed so resign at once, please.

I once advised the minister of finance to do away with this stupid basket currency system especially when the majority of workers, civil servants are being paid in useless papers for this is a recipe for economic disaster especially in a country that is a met importer of everything including toilet paper, water, salt, pads maybe except poverty. The selective allocation of the USD is economically suicidal as it creates artificial shortages hence the devil black market. All companies must as a matter of urgency use and pay their workers with the same currency even those land and environmental killers you christened Artisanal Miners must not be favoured with USD. Let's have uniformity.

Yes I am really angry because the poor people who voted most of you into power are getting poorer. Right now thousands of these people have lost millions of their cattle due to avoidable tick-borne diseases. Honestly, what kind of government that can't afford to buy and avail dipping chemicals??? No ladies and gentlemen please be serious and get your priorities right! A lot of crops were destroyed by the army-fall-worm meaning hunger is knocking on many households. Where are you Mr Government? Soon you will be importing the much needed grain using scarce foreign currency. The reason why you didn't avail the chemicals is now obvious to many, you will award the lucrative tenders to yourselves, sons and daughters. Mark my words.

True Patriot

Munya Shumba