Nelson Chamisa’s message for solutions

We are marching peacefully for freedom and solutions says Nelson Chamisa, leader of the MDC

Movement For Democratic Change party, Zimbabwe

15 August 2019

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Further information on the peace march:

[Our people’s peaceful march on Friday 16 August is taking place in Harare] and there is a buoyant and expectant mood in the capital, even amid this huge national crisis that the clueless and illegitimate regime is failing to deal with.

The peaceful march that is set to begin at Africa Unity Square at 9am will be a loud expression by the people of Zimbabwe in calling for a truly people’s government that can begin to address the multi-layered crisis facing the ordinary citizens.

Since the stolen election of July 2018, the country has been beset with myriad challenges that include cash shortages, power and fuel shortages, corruption, impunity, partisan distribution of food, the culture of impunity and senseless clampdown on civic and democracy activists in the country.

We have complied with the law by notifying the police. We have held several meetings with the police in the past week, including one late this afternoon and we expect the law enforcement agents to discharge their Constitutional duties tomorrow by ensuring that the citizens and property are safe during this peaceful march. In light of disturbing reports that there could be rowdy Zanu PF elements bent on disrupting this march, we hope the police will be readily available to ensure that citizens and property are protected and that any criminal hoodlums are brought to book.

We will play our part in ensuring a peaceful event, including the provision of peace marshals with bibs so that the event is calm.

The MDC urges the people of Zimbabwe to turn up in their huge numbers to express their displeasure at the mounting national grievances to which the regime has no solution. We call upon the people of Zimbabwe to maintain culture of peace and non-violence throughout the march.

Come one, come all. We must peacefully express our displeasure at the deteriorating situation in the country and call for measures that can bring about a legitimate people’s government that can begin to address the county’s myriad challenges.