Make Mugabe History

Let’s Make Mugabe History: Dr Clifford Chitupa Mashiri

Nehanda Radio

Jun 7, 2013

Dr Clifford Chitupa Mashiri

The recent agreement by the main opposition parties in Zimbabwe to speak with one voice against the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe is of great significance in the country’s political history at least since 1999 (the formation of a meaningful opposition).


Clifford Chitupa Mashiri

While others may caution against premature optimism, the development has sent shock waves to Robert Mugabe and his loyalists whose latest big project has been to stampede the country into a sham election in order to sanitise the tyranny that visited our country for two decades.

I would urge the five main parties opposed to Mugabe’s dictatorship to remain united and keep the pressure for a clear roadmap to elections.

By speaking with one voice against elections without key reforms, you did Zimbabwe proud and proved to the world that Mugabe is not invincible and that Zimbabwe is bigger than Zanu-pf.

Proof that the message reached home, Mugabe chickened out of the SADC summit realising that he is now cornered and he is panicking.

There should be no elections until security sector reforms, media reforms, electoral reforms, and human rights reforms are in place to ensure all Zimbabwean citizens regardless of residence and descent can cast their votes in UN supervised free and fair harmonised elections.

The opposition forces should not lose the momentum on this issue. They should build on the unity of purpose to dislodge Mugabe’s tyranny once and for all from Beitbridge to Chirundu, from Mutare to Plumtree.

The opposition coalition should insist on the full restoration of dual citizenship and the right of so-called aliens including the Diaspora to register and vote in the coming elections. Only that can guarantee Mugabe’s final exit from power.

We have previously detailed the logistics for a Diaspora Vote are already in place at Zimbabwean embassies or UN missions abroad. It’s feasible and the UN has the funds.

This week’s move by the five parties has proved that only a grand opposition alliance has potential to usher in a new dispensation of real peace and security, national healing, reconciliation and greater socio-economic transformation than the current parallel regime.

Zimbabweans, let’s make Mugabe history.

Clifford Chitupa Mashiri is a London-based political analyst. He recently passed his PhD in International Relations with the Commonwealth Open University. The title of his thesis is ‘The False Promise of The Ethics of the English School of International Relations’.

Clifford is looking for publishers for his three manuscripts: (a) Arms, Rough Diamonds & Uranium: Can Mugabe Be Trusted? (b) Robert Mugabe: The Legacy of a Tyrant; and (c) the afore-mentioned thesis which he has developed into a book. In addition to that, Clifford is a PhD Social Sciences candidate at London South Bank University.

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