January disease kills cattle

Hwedza Farmers Sell Cattle For A Pittance As Theileriosis Disease Ravages District

Pindula News

19 November 2018


Hwedza communal farmers are reportedly selling their cattle for a pittance as fears of January disease abound. Cattle are being sold for as little as US$50 or $60, down from between $300 to $500 a beast.

January disease or theileriosis is a tick-borne disease that has caused the death of hundreds of cattle in Mashonaland East Province. In an interview with H-Metro, Hwedza Rural District acting CEO Jeremiah Bako had this to say:

“This tick-borne pandemic is a result of the lengthy time taken without dipping our cattle. So when farmers see cattle foam from the mouth, they immediately sell them at a paltry $50 – $60 per beast. You can see many carcasses on the roadsides and in some cases, the cattle would have died during transportation to abattoirs and are dumped on the roadside.”