Good riddance to Grace Mugabe faction

Farm workers celebrate G40’s fall

Zimbabwe Standard

December 3, 2017 in Local, News

PROGRESSIVE Agriculture and Allied Industries Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PAAWUZ) is celebrating the fall of the Zanu PF G40 faction, saying its members protected farmers that exploited workers.

PAAWUZ secretary-general Raymond Sixpence told The Standard that some farm owners were bribing G40 kingpins to get protection and evade paying workers.

Sixpence said farm workers’ rights were trampled upon as farmers boasted about connections within Zanu PF.

“Firstly, I would want to thank the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) for its timely intervention and removing the people that were helping in suppressing farm workers,” he said.

“Workers have a number of concerns against their employers that were ignored as unscrupulous Zanu PF officials went behind to get kickbacks as protection.

“As a result, the welfare of farm workers continued to deteriorate and it was difficult to correct it.

“Some farmers openly boasted that they would not meet their workers’ demands because they had protection from these politicians.

Sixpence urged the new minister, Air Marshal Perrance Shiri to deal with farmers that abused their employees.