Facebook post before Internet shutdown

A Facebook post before the Internet shutdown

Monday 14 January 2018

The military crackdown begins – photo taken prior to the Internet shutdown

Dear friends ...

Things are very bad in Zimbabwe tonight. A peaceful citizens’ “stay-away” today, scheduled to continue tomorrow and Wednesday, was responded to with a heavy military hand.

In the immediate aftermath of the “coup that wasn’t a coup”, I was very troubled by the clear indicators we saw of the military’s involvement.

While we were euphoric over the down-fall of Mugabe, we were immediately troubled to realize that, in many ways, the situation was even worse.

Militarized politics is a terrible thing, in Southern Africa especially. It is clearly the case in Zimbabwe with a former blood thirsty general by the name of Chiwenga at the helm ... in fact, many have thought he was in fact running the show; with Mungangagwa, the man they say is President, little more that a puppet figure-head.

Our worst nightmare is playing out.

Today, in an act designed to shut down social conversation and mutual encouragement among the beleaguered people, the government forced all internet service providers to shut down.

With very few exceptions, Zimbabwe has gone web-dark tonight ... just another element of the darkness that has been creeping gradually over everyone and everything we love there.

The most frightening reality is that this internet shut down will give the perpetrators of violence a sense that they can operate violently at will and unseen.

They cling to unaccountability like a treasured thing.

I’m pleading with you to spread the word, so the whole world will know of the desperately dangerous human rights abuses that are being perpetrated by ZANU PF (the ruling party), and by the military leadership who support it.

If ever there was a time for imprecatory prayer, it is now.

Dear God, we ask you to manifest your presence with mighty power in Zimbabwe tonight and into the coming days. Avenge the innocent by your power. Thwart the legalized criminality that is being unleashed against helpless common but good people.

Cause the uniformed soldiers to reflect on their own families, and bring disunity to bear in the various governmental and military forces. Make them disobey orders, and even turn on their commanders.

Please deliver our beloved nation and her amazing people by your mighty hand.

In the name of Yeshua,