Consumer Price Index for June surges

A surge of price increases came into effect for the calculation of Zimbabwe’s June Consumer Price Index, reports Harare-based economist John Robertson. From an annual rate of increase of 97,85% in May, the figure moved to 175,66% in June. This placed the average increases registered in June alone at 39,26%, a monthly figure not seen in the country since the early stages of the currency collapse the country was experiencing about 18 years ago. The graph illustrates the sharpness of the June rise. During June, Food prices increased by 55,1%, Clothing & Footwear rose by 59,9%, and Furniture & Household Maintenance went up by 63,8%. The annual increase for Food was 206,7%, Clothing & Footwear rose by 201,3%, but the largest increase was for Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco, which increased by 219,4%.

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