Cheryl Rodrigues tribute

Tribute to wildlife artist Cheryl Rodrigues and profile of her work

21 April 2016


Zimbabwe has lost a superb wildlife artist, an avid and courageous animal activist and a committed conservationist.  Johnny Rodrigues, chairman of Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, sent us this biography of his beloved wife Cheryl and gives contact details for those who have enquired about her art.

Cheryl Rodrigues was born on the 15 December 1956 and sadly passed away on 29 March 2016. Cheryl was a co-founder of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force (ZCTF) together with her husband Johnny.

Cheryl was always an accomplished artist who sold many works of art all over the world. Some of her earlier work was done in the 1980s where she tried to raise a few extra dollars for the family and sold paintings of people's family pets and family members on commission. Her favourite mediums were oils and chalk pastels.

When the ZCTF was formed in 1998, Cheryl decided to try and help raise funds for the decimating animal numbers and anti-poaching units here in Zimbabwe by painting and selling her works of art. She had sold number of oil paintings to dignitaries from as far off as the USA, South Africa and the UK. She was an avid animal activist who stood alongside her beloved Johnny through all the trials and tribulations of being part of the ZCTF, especially during the devastating killing of Zimbabwe’s iconic lion, Cecil, by a US hunter.

Cheryl’s beautiful works of art will always remain as a fond reminder of an incredible, strong woman, who although is not here in person, is here in spirit every day to help, support, and love her family and the animals that she loved so dearly. The family has dedicated this quote to her as she lived and breathed every word......

Take nothing but pictures,
Kill nothing but time,
Leave nothing but footprints”
John Kay

For further information on Cheryl’s art and sourcing prints of her paintings, please contact Johnny or their daughter, Lorraine Randall.

Lorraine Randall
E-mail: or
Mobile:  +263 (0) 773 227 265
Tel:  +263 4 336 710

Johnny Rodrigues
Tel:  +263 (0) 712 603 213